Sometimes I wish we had something like SSHFS but for executable files.

Yes, I’m aware of the ssh [hostname] [command] syntax. But, just like when you mount a remote file system using something like SSHFS or DAVFS, your local applications can interact with that remote directory without them ever noticing files are not actually in your computer (aside from the network latency), I just wish the same could be done with executable files.

You run (or another application runs) ./hello, and that gets translated into ssh foo@ /usr/bin/hello. stdin is piped to the remote server, stdout is piped from the remote server. It doesn’t matter if you are on a Mac and /usr/bin/hello is a Linux ELF binary file, because the file is actually executed on a remote server. A use case for this would be being able to run remote debuggers without having to rely on fancy IDEs that support this feature, such as debugging a remote Node.js or Python script in a server or in a Vagrant box.

I guess the people behind Plan 9 actually had their point.