Re: Humble Book Bundle: Data Science


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Humble Bundle content is DRM-free. Once you pay you get download links in your e-mail for downloading the content. Books are offered in PDF, ePub and Mobi formats. You can back up the books and/or keep the e-mail for future.

If you sign up for an account you can also save your purchase to your account and then access all the purchases made through the library.

Re: Show HN: Chirr App splits text into tweets and posts it as a thread


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Why are Twitter threads so common? What makes them better than a real and accessible blog post? I don't condemn threads, but the user interface and reading experience is so awful that I cannot like them as they currently are.

It's difficult to navigate forward or backward in a thread, specially when there are a lot of tweets, as every few tweets it has to load more. Plus, every tweet can have its own replies, so it's hard to read comments or reactions.

The only thing I find useful in threads is that, since every sentence is a separate tweet, it's easy to share a particular point in a conversation by sharing the URL for that particular tweet.

Re: Big brother is here, and his name is Facebook


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Regarding the 'always listening' concerns, on Android 6.0 and above it is possible to grant granular permissions for resources such as microphone or location to applications. Even on applications that use an older SDK where granular permissions are not a thing, you can still disable those permissions after installing the application by tweaking the System Settings.

By looking at my current permission settings, only the Camera and the Phone app have permission to use my microphone. I closed my Facebook account a while ago but I use WhatsApp, owned by Facebook. Given that I don't send voice notes or make in-app calls, there is no need for it having access to my microphone. Same with location — no need.

Re: To Protect Voting, Use Open-Source Software


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Electronic voting is a bad idea and I'd be suspicious on anyone trying to promote it.

How can you know that even if the source code for the voting machine is open, the voting machine is running the exact same source code? How can you know nobody has tampered the code the instance is running?

I'm glad my country is still running on paper ballots and glad we require voter ID.