Mes: julio 2017

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    I use KeePass to store my passwords plus other sensible data. It's multiplatform and I can have access to my passwords file on macOS using MacPass, on Linux and Windows using KeePassX, and on Android using KeePass2Android.

    I use Dropbox to sync the file through multiple computers including my Android phone. I don't fully trust Dropbox for sensible stuff, but since the passwords file is encrypted by KeePass, I consider that if Dropbox ever gets compromised, they won't be able to access the contents of the file right away without a lot of work.

    The passwords file uses a long password, one of the few passwords I still have to remember, plus I use a keyfile for encrypting the file. That file is not allowed to be uploaded to the cloud. I have a copy of the keyfile in my laptop, another one on my Android phone, and another one on a Veracrypt partition in my thumb drive.

    It is not a perfect setup, because I still have a few issues that I haven't considered, such as how should I proceed if my phone or laptop bag ever get lost or stolen; but it's convenient for me at this moment.

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    I've been using password managers (KeePass, in my case) for about a year and all I can think is, why I didn't start using them earlier. It is cheaper to generate a long, random password using alphanumerical and special characters than trying to think a clever yet memorable unique password by myself, and probably more secure.

    Plus, it's true that you end up storing other sensible things that are not passwords, such as API or recovery keys, because it's acts like a vault.

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    Researching ideas that previously came to my mind minutes before when I was busier. I write down these kinds of ideas to save them for later and them I put them out of my mind as I'm trying to do my work. Or, I just browse HN.

    Usually I look at this through my phone as I'm walking somewhere. Taking a 4-5 minute break for a walk is important because sitting all day is not healthy. Sometimes the walk has a purpose such as going to the coffee machine. Sometimes it's just randomly moving around then go back to my seat.