Re: On Password Managers

Replied to Any password manager recommendations such that… on On Password Managers via Hacker News:

I use KeePass to store my passwords plus other sensible data. It's multiplatform and I can have access to my passwords file on macOS using MacPass, on Linux and Windows using KeePassX, and on Android using KeePass2Android.

I use Dropbox to sync the file through multiple computers including my Android phone. I don't fully trust Dropbox for sensible stuff, but since the passwords file is encrypted by KeePass, I consider that if Dropbox ever gets compromised, they won't be able to access the contents of the file right away without a lot of work.

The passwords file uses a long password, one of the few passwords I still have to remember, plus I use a keyfile for encrypting the file. That file is not allowed to be uploaded to the cloud. I have a copy of the keyfile in my laptop, another one on my Android phone, and another one on a Veracrypt partition in my thumb drive.

It is not a perfect setup, because I still have a few issues that I haven't considered, such as how should I proceed if my phone or laptop bag ever get lost or stolen; but it's convenient for me at this moment.